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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning

At Aqua Window Cleaning we work with both domestic and commercial clients, offering an excellent range of window cleaning services.

Since 2001 I have built Aqua Window Cleaning into a company which prides itself on offering a consistent and trustworthy window cleaning service.

I was among the first in Cork and Ireland to introduce the telescopic water-fed pole window cleaning system, which has become the norm for both domestic and commercial window cleaning since then.

This system is operated from the ground using extendable poles which have purified water pumped through a brush head at low pressure. This allows the glass to be cleaned with a constant flow of water and scrubbing action from the brush.

The glass is then rinsed down with the purified water and left to dry off naturally for best results. This eliminated water spotting and staining. The frames and sills are also cleaned during this process.

The advantages of this system is that it allows conservatory roofs, Velux windows and hard to reach windows to be cleaned easily with the use of the long reach poles. It greatly reduces the use of ladders and creates a safer working environment.

I also clean windows internally buy using the traditional sock and squeegee. We can access high level windows and glass features such as stair cases and glass roof panels etc.

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